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Cosmetic Dental Contouring

Cosmetic Dental Contouring are an effective way to improve function and appearance.

Cosmetic Contouring at Community Dental Group

Cosmetic Dental Contouring

At Community Dental Group, we understand that need to look your best and your smile is an important component. Many people turn to braces to straighten their teeth or veneers, but these cosmetic solutions are more expensive and can take months to provide results.

Fortunately, there’s teeth contouring, often called Cosmetic Dental Contouring, is a faster and often less expensive way to upgrade your smile. The non-invasive cosmetic procedure can create a flawless smile in no time without the use of anesthesia or expensive surgeries.

Teeth Contouring & Teeth Reshaping

Also known as “dental contouring” or “teeth reshaping,” dental contouring is the process of reshaping your teeth to correct certain dental issues or cosmetic concerns. The process involves removing small amounts of tooth enamel to create a more appealing tooth shape or surface.

Tooth contouring can alleviate several common dental complaints, such as minorly chipped, stained, crooked, or overlapping teeth.

Dental Contouring and Reshaping - Philadelphia Dentistry

Cosmetic Contouring: Teeth Reshaping Candidates

Dental contouring process isn’t for everyone. Many people think that teeth reshaping is a substitute for braces. However, the procedure isn’t a quick fix for significant dental problems. Further, you may not be a candidate for the procedure if you have unhealthy gums, thin enamel, decaying teeth, or infected tooth pulp.

How Is Dental Contouring Performed?

During the teeth contouring process, your dentist will use a drill, sanding tool, or laser to remove small amounts of your enamel. Then, your dentist will trim or shorten long teeth and smooth uneven teeth to perfect your alignment. Your dentist may also use tooth-colored resin to fill in chips or gaps through a process called bonding.

How Does Teeth Reshaping Work?

Teeth reshaping perfects the alignment, shape, or length of your teeth. For example, your dentist may:

·     Trim a long tooth to improve your bite

·     Fill in gaps between your teeth with resin

·     Smooth jagged, chipped, or uneven teeth to create a uniform appearance

The Benefits of Teeth Contouring and Reshaping

1. Improves Appearance by Altering the Shape or Size of Teeth

During the dental contouring process, your dentist will remove some of your tooth enamel to reshape or shorten your teeth, creating a picture-perfect smile.

2. Fixes Cracked, Chipped, Crooked, or Improperly Aligned Teeth

Teeth reshaping allows your dentist to correct small issues, such as chipping, cracks, or poor alignment.

3. Improves Damage from Grinding Teeth

Tooth contouring can improve damage from grinding your teeth by smoothing out jagged, uneven areas.

4. Makes it Easier to Clean the Spaces Between Teeth

Slight misalignments or overlaps can allow tartar and plaque to build up. Dental contouring eliminates overlaps that could conceal dangerous germs or bacteria.

5. Only Requires One Appointment

Tooth reshaping is a quick, convenient process that only requires one dental appointment.

6. Reshapes Teeth in Less Than an Hour

Depending on your circumstances and concerns, your dentist may complete your teeth reshaping procedure in 30 minutes to an hour.

7. It Is a Painless Process

Tooth enamel is made up entirely of minerals, with no blood vessels or nerves. As a result, you won’t need any pain medication or localized anesthesia during or after the teeth contouring process.

8. It Is Permanent and Does Not Need Any Other Procedures

Dental contouring is a permanent, one-time procedure that won’t reverse or require repairs. You need to ensure that you care for your teeth after the process to prevent further enamel loss.

Cost of Dental Contouring

Teeth reshaping costs vary based on several factors, including insurance coverage, location, and local dental fees. However, the average cost per tooth ranges from $100 to $300, though the price may increase if you need a combined contouring and bonding procedure.

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